Our Services

From paint and paint accessories to painting services and interior decoration, Shades. The Paint Company is the answer to a generation who see walls and space as canvases for expression.

Paint Production

Producing quality interior and exterior paints is our primary business. We offer a range of colours and textures to help you get the finish that you want.

If you desire to explore this beautiful world of colour, we can also deliver the right accessories for you. We can provide paints, brush packs, adhesives and fillers, protective gear, coatings and thinners, etc. You can simply count on us to for everything you need on your paint adventure.

Painting Services

At Shades. The Paint Company, we also offer professional painting services to make the transition between your desired paint job and your new space as simple and seamless as possible.

Our pool of vetted painters are also available to paint at your convenience, so you can fit the paint job into your schedule.

Interior Decoration

Designing your space goes beyond painting the walls and we can help with that too! If you need interior decor to complement the colours and define your space, we can work patiently with you to bring your imagination to reality.

We also have a catalogue to inspire you and help you find colours and themes that match your style, class and personality.

Screeding Services

Our expertise extends beyond wall screeding to all types of floor screeding, including fast drying, free-flowing and traditional screeding. We are a little obsessed with quality and customer satisfaction, so we ensure all our screeds have PP fibres, for a finish that matches our promise of quality.

POP Services

We deliver bespoke POP services that reflect the style and personality you desire. For us, everything we do is an art in more than one way, so we design and create suspended ceiling solutions that are functional and aesthetically appealing. We are building a reputation on the quality of our work, the products we install, and the experiences we create for our esteemed friends (our clients).