Our Story

This is Shades. The Paint Company. We provide all you need to design your space to reflect the ambience, personality and style of your choice.

It’s not just paint!

We offer everything! From providing colour advice, paints, painters, paint accessories and even complementary interior design ideas, we are excited to help you colour your world.

For us it’s more than just colours. Everything in your space should be part of the emotion and mood you want to evoke. From calm and refreshing to inspiring creativity or making the right statement of class; colours and interior decoration can help you tell the right story without a word.

Explore exciting new colours

We believe that paint is a tool for expression, and space is an open invitation to explore. If you need to show your expressive side, we’ve got the right palettes for a colourful adventure in your space. Your space can do with a new shade for a little more life and attitude. You need Shades. The Paint Company.

There’s ‘Gold’ at the end of this rainbow (Colours)

Every company is as good as the minds that birth it. Our is all shades of creative and adventurous.

From conception to ideation and design, the focus of our team has been to balance quality with the need for creative expression. So our colour palettes and interior design style guides are made to cover every little shade you may desire.

Shades. The Paint Company is driven by innovative and creative minds led by the eclectic Adekunle Gold. Known for his diverse style and artistic nous, he brings a refreshing experience to the agelong tradition of space design.